Storage of grains and crops

Given the physical and physiological characteristics observed in crops. grain masses need constant supervision during the entire period of grain storage.

In the absence of proper control over the grain, one may miss taking timely measures to eliminate unwanted processes, which can lead to loss of quality and volume weight. At our warehouses, "AZT" assures total control is carried out over each batch of grain.

Given the large volumes of stored agricultural products, maximum supervision is exercised over the storage and processing of crops. There are many requirements for granaries aimed at ensuring maximum safety of agricultural crops without compromising quality.
Once crops are accepted for storage by "AZT" , their biochemical characteristics are taken into account: humidity, temperature as well as the development of microorganisms. One must be aware that the higher the temperature in the storage facility, the more active the development of microorganisms and upon reaching the upper limits, factors can cause self-heating of the grain.
To ensure the preservation of grain quality, the following requirements are imposed in the premises: low thermal conductivity and good hygroscopicity of the warehouse walls and floor.
"AZT" and silos meet all technical certified specifications as required for these type of premises.
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